Welcome to District One Fashion – your Toronto-based haven for luxury dress rentals, born from a desire to combat the economic challenges of inflation while embracing the allure of timeless style.

Meet our visionary founder, Lady Vivian, a tastemaker known far and wide for her discerning eye and exquisite fashion sensibility. Throughout her life, she has been the go-to source for fashion advice, accessory insights, and the latest emerging trends among her friends, family, and colleagues. As an event planner, Lady Vivian has lent her expertise to countless brides and clients in search of that perfect dress for their special occasions.

But it was a pivotal moment in her career that sparked the inception of District One Fashion. One fateful day, while orchestrating a client’s wedding, a shipment delay left the bride in a state of distress as neither of her carefully chosen reception dresses fit. With no time for last-minute alterations, panic set in. Enter Lady Vivian and her vast closet of lightly worn, designer dresses – some still brandishing their original tags. Amid this treasure trove, the bride discovered her dream reception dress, tucked away in the wardrobe.

This serendipitous moment inspired Lady Vivian to reimagine the way people approach fashion, leading to the birth of District One Fashion. We are dedicated to making luxury designer dresses accessible through rentals, ensuring you can wear your dream dress without the budgetary woes. Our collection is a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability, featuring luxurious, unique, and timeless pieces carefully curated from renowned designers around the world.

Choosing the perfect gown for a special occasion can be a daunting task, one that encompasses style, values, and fit. Our dedicated stylists are here to guide you through the process, offering personalized assistance to help you discover your ideal dress. Plus, we provide the option to try your chosen dress before your special day, guaranteeing that it fits like a glove.

Remember, the right dress can work wonders, creating that magical Cinderella moment where elegance, beauty, and confidence collide. So, let District One Fashion be your fashion accomplice. Rent your dream dress with us and prepare to make an unforgettable entrance at your next event – because your style should never be compromised, even in challenging times